Python for DOS lives ?

The Jetman jetman516 at
Thu Sep 12 16:57:14 EDT 2002

I did a search for Python 4 DOS just moments ago, on Google.  No 
joy.  I already knew the last iteration of Python4DOS (Python-DX) went 
belly-up sometime ago.  Then I got the thought to check out DJ Delorie's 
site (the author/maintainer of DJGPP.)  I found the following mail archive

The bottom line is:    !!!!

The above mail announcement is from a May of this year, so it may be 
well along.  Haven't had a chance to test it, probably won't for a day or 
so, but I need it, so I'll definitely touch base in the next couple of days,  
if anyone else is interested.  According to the author of the port, it's 
working but isn't quite ready for prime-time....Jet

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