Smalltalk vs. Python and COM was Re: Byte Magazine and Smalltalk

Peter Hansen peter at
Sun Sep 22 12:51:59 EDT 2002

(Cross-posting removed to avoid language wars.)

Pino Gargiulo wrote:
> For this project I was considering Smalltalk and Python. The first so I
> could be some real stuff done and Python because apparently it permits 
> quite easy access the the mysterious (to me) m$ APIs. I really would
> want to stay awar from VC++, and I'm looking for some quite turnaround 
> evironment since I'll be learning COM on the job.

Could you please explain why you don't think Python could be used for
"real stuff"?  Do you have some other code already written in Smalltalk
with which you're trying to stay compatible, or do you have a library
in Smalltalk that you must use for this job?  I don't see any reason to
use two languages on a project where one will do the job.


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