Grumble about too strict an attitude about backward compatibility...

laotseu bdesth at
Fri Sep 6 21:30:46 EDT 2002

Skip Montanaro wrote:
>     >> What's the Python connection?  Other than a reminder not to get to
>     >> slavish about backward compatibility, I note that these same function
>     >> names will then go on to pollute the Python namespace because all
>     >> this Fortran code is automatically wrapped using f2py.
>     laotseu> Well, that may be true, but the chances of a name collision are
>     laotseu> pretty low IMHO...
> Name collisions weren't what I was getting at.  Python allows essentially
> unlimited identifier lengths, but people manipulating these functions from
> Python code still have to use the cryptic 4-6 character names.  Perhaps f2py
> allows mapping such names to something more meaningful.  (One can hope. ;-)
> Skip

mapping such names to something more meaningful ?

aFunctionWithAnySensibleName = lpni
aFunctionWithAnotherSensibleName = klvna

if aFunctionWithAnySensibleName(andFarTooMuchLettersInIt):
     resutl = aFunctionWithAnotherSensibleName(andAlsoManyUselessLetters)

Like this ?-)

The Old Master said :
"function names are always too long... unless they are too short"

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