[ANNOUNCE] DebSync v0.1

Jerome Alet alet at unice.fr
Wed Sep 18 06:56:38 EDT 2002


I'm pleased to announce DebSync v0.1

DebSync is a Python command line tool which helps to synchronize a bunch
of Debian GNU/Linux machines wrt the list of packages installed.

DebSync retrieves the list of installed packages from a master host, and
then install or remove packages on any number of hosts to make them have
the very same installed packages list as the master host.

Of course DebSync doesn't deal with configuring these packages, this
be done as usual.

DebSync can work over ssh (default) or rsh.

DebSync is different from fai (Full Automated Installation) in that, to
my knowledge, fai only deals with machines you plan to install, while
deals with existing and certainely differently installed Debian
GNU/Linux machines.

Debsync is distributed under the GNU GPL of the Free Software
and is available from :


Remark : it's only a 0.1 so don't expect miracles, yet, but it seems to
work reasonably well on the three hosts I've tried. Also be sure to have
the same version of Debian installed and do an apt-get update on each
host before launching DebSync.

Any comment, contribution, or bug report is more than welcome !

Thanks for reading.

Jerome Alet

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