Python GUI app to impress the boss?

Lee Gray lee100 at
Wed Sep 18 19:10:36 EDT 2002

Chris Liechti wrote:

> "Gray, Lee P." <lpgray at> wrote in
>> Yeah, I tried to download from CVS, but being a complete noob
>> couldn't figure out how, short of tracking down and copying and pasting
>> every updated file.  Any tips would be appreciated.
> you're on windows right? then grab and install
> the latest version. after that right click on an empty folder in the
> windows explorer and select "cvs checkout", copy and paste the "CVSROOT"
> in the dialog. you can find the cvsroot, or at least how it looks like on
> the "browse cvs" page that you have apparently found.
> the home of cvs is and these are interesting sites:

Yep, Windows at work, mostly Linux at home.  I'll check this out at work 

Thanks for the info!

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