McMillian installer + win32com.client.constants - how to use them together?

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Mon Sep 30 19:41:45 CEST 2002

"vtail" <vtail at> wrote ...
> Greetings,
> can anybody please explain me the Right Way to use McMillian installer
> with application that uses constants from MSWord library?
Gordon MacMillan reads this list when he has time, but you should be aware
that there is a mailing list just for the users of the installer package --

for details.

> I've generate them with win32com/client/ and use them in my
> code via
> ====>
> import win32com.client
> ...
> a = win32com.client.constants.wdBlack  #  application crashed here
> ...
> <===
> When I build .exe from my applications it is crashed on marked line
> with AttributeError exception.
> I've tried to study this subject myself, but now I'm totally confused
> with all this gencache.EnsureModule(), prog_id, CLSID etc. I can't
> find any clear documentation on the subject.
> I'll greatly appreciated any help on this, even RTFM links ;).
I'm *guessing* that the installer hasn't been able to define that the
win32com.client package's submodules need to be included. To verify this is
the error you might try including an explicit

    import win32com.client.constants

in the appropriate module and see if the error goes away. There are things
you can do in installer if that's the case, but I'm not the best person to

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