Running with arguments in IDLE?

joe sixpack joe.sixpack at
Tue Sep 24 17:39:19 EDT 2002

Probable dumb question of the day...

I do most of my work in Python with IDLE and love it.  If I need to 
change a parameter in a script I've written, I usually just change a 
variable by editing the script, then run it.

Now I've gotten to where I need to write a script that runs from a 
shell (Windows2000) command line.  I know to use sys.argv[x] to get
the arguments.  What I don't know is how to run the script from 
within IDLE and specify the argument to use when it is run.  In
Pythonwin, 'RUN'ning a script brings up the dialog box in which
arguments may be specified.  How is this done in IDLE?  


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