Minimal debug/rep functionality

Mark Hobbes2176 at
Thu Sep 19 15:43:25 EDT 2002

Peter Hansen wrote:
> True... presumably either the OP is not concerned about standard
> library modules anyway, or he would check the archives and add
> a simple way of doing this.  YAGNI...

Correct, I'm currently trying to figure out how to ignore them (ie have it 
step "over" instead of "into" standard library calls (in particular, the 
linecache.getline(foo, x) call).

Also, I had quite a time figuring out the damn name for what I was trying to 
do.  My first thought was implementing a REP loop of my own.  Then I 
started looking at the debugging code.  Finally, I was put on the correct 
trail by looking at "tracing".

> Hmmm... I didn't see any implication that speed was even remotely
> a concern for the OP.  After all, he did ask to *print* each line
> as it executed.  What could possibly be slower than that?
> (I doubt he would care to deal with the volume of information
> generated when using this with a large program anyway... needs
> a way to turn it on and off, at least.)

Yup, for now I simply need to look at traces.  Speed is not important (1. 
this is a prototype and 2. speed may never be important).  Further, I'm 
only looking at single function (aside from library function calls) 
algorithms for the moment.

Thanks for the input.


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