Expect() from telnetlib giving me problems.

Marc mnations at airmail.net
Thu Sep 12 17:25:31 EDT 2002


This is the error I'm getting:

Exception in thread Thread-3:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "C:\Python22\lib\threading.py", line 408, in __bootstrap
  File "C:\Python22\lib\threading.py", line 396, in run
    apply(self.__target, self.__args, self.__kwargs)
  File "main.py", line 85, in run
  File "key.py", line 94, in command
  File "key.py", line 104, in read_result
    buffer = conn.expect(alist, 5)
  File "C:\python22\lib\telnetlib.py", line 541, in expect
    list[i] = re.compile(list[i])
  File "C:\Python22\lib\sre.py", line 178, in compile
    return _compile(pattern, flags)
  File "C:\Python22\lib\sre.py", line 228, in _compile
    raise error, v # invalid expression
error: nothing to repeat

I've tried several different ways to get the expect command to work. I
can't find any examples and only limited documentation. Here is how
I'm trying to implement it:

    alist = [ 'COMPLD', '*/' ]
    buffer = conn.expect(alist, 5)

Can someone please tell me what is wrong or provide me with some
working examples of using the command.



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