How do i print to a printer using python?

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Tue Sep 10 18:27:55 EDT 2002

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> Naveed Iqbal <iqbal at> wrote:
> > Thank you all for your help. I am really a novice when it comes to
> > python. Will someone tell me how to install the win32ui module in
> > windows?
> > thanka
> > naveed
> I suceeded without win32all: I generated a postscript file
> and copied it to the 'file' "prn:" using shutil.copyfile().
Disk Operating System Rules OK!

As a pythonista of somewhat longer standing I found PythonWin a delight. I
don't overstress it, and it works.

Naveed: while you are likely to stay more up-to-date by installing an
updated base Python and installing updated Win32 extensions, there's no real
reason for a "novice" to need (or even want :-) to be so close to the
(b)leading edge. I haven't heard anything to suggest the ActiveState
distribution isn't a perfectly practical solution to everyday needs.

Uwe: you'll clearly do well with such lateral thinking abilities. What
software did you use to generate the PS?

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