monetary applications [was: Python GUI app to impress the bos s?]

Tim Peters at
Thu Sep 19 20:20:22 CEST 2002


If someone is willing and able to do the work (sorry, I can't make time for
it), Guido will accept this into the standard library for 2.3.  It's a
small, self-contained, pure Python module; it's been in use for a few years
with no bugs reported; and is unencumbered by any license (a lawyer has told
me that an individual in the USA cannot meaningfully disclaim copyright, so
fine, the copyright I didn't want is hereby transferred to the PSF <wink>).

What work remains:

+ Write docs for the Library Reference manual.  I expect the existing
  module docstring will be a good start.

+ Create a test driver for Python's regression suite.

+ Have fun modernizing it, if you like (for example, "/" should be
  changed to "//" where integer division is intended; playing with
   __slots__ may yield some nice savings; whatever).

This should be a fun and comparatively easy task -- if you ever wanted to
get your name into the ACKS file, here's one way to do it without tithing
you income directly to Guido <wink>.

although-tithing-saves-me-time-ly y'rs  - tim

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