ntpath bug or expected?

dsavitsk dsavitsk at e-coli.net
Thu Sep 12 03:18:21 CEST 2002

python 2.1.3.  this is pretty minor ... os.path.join() on win32 fails if the
first path component is C: (or any other letter).  that is, if the first
component is a drive letter, it must contain either '\\' or '/' or else the
path is wrong.  this makes it the only component which must have slashes.

>>> os.path.join('C:', 'path', 'to', 'file.txt')

the offending code is below and can be easily fixed by removing the ':' from

def join(a, *p):
    """Join two or more pathname components, inserting "\\" as needed"""
    path = a
    for b in p:
        if isabs(b):
            path = b
        elif path == '' or path[-1:] in '/\\:':
            path = path + b
            path = path + "\\" + b
    return path

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