a python puzzle

Lulu of the Lotus-Eaters mertz at gnosis.cx
Wed Sep 25 20:57:06 EDT 2002

I think the various responders did this "by hand."  Probably having the
Python source code made it even easier to just eyeball.  In a more
general sense (just in case anyone doesn't know), the way to solve a
Caesar cipher like this is to start counting letter frequencies.
Comparing the frequencies to well-known English letter frequencies like:


lets you start matching letters pretty quickly.  Of course, if you don't
know it's English, the frequency table isn't as accurate.

I was thinking of writing a little solver script to actually assign
likely permutations based on the frequencies.  But a dozen people had
already solved it before I saw the problem... so I gave up on that :-).

Yours, Lulu...

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