Executable Python Programs

CotaBas cotabas at earthlink.net
Tue Sep 3 21:47:48 EDT 2002

> > My personal opinion is that py2exe/Installer/etc. are for
> > intermediate/advanced Python programmers. The reason is that it's
> > sometimes difficult to fix the dependencies manually, if these tools are
> > unable to hunt them down automatically for you.
> I think you may be overstating the difficulty here. The vast majority of
> programs run through py2exe etc. with no problems at all. I can only think
> ot a couple of times that I have even had to think about the dependencies:
> I had a case recently with py2exe was when it found some extra
> that I didn't want: I was using jabber.py which for not very good reasons
> imports site.py which indirectly imports a whole load of stuff such as
> tkinter. Explicitly excluding site.py fixed this. Admittedly it took me a
> little while to track down which import was the problem. An option to
> py2exe to dump out why it decided to pull in each module would have been
> helpful.
> The only time I had trouble with an import that wasn't being found was
> I used py2exe on a program using PIL. PIL demand loads a lot of converters
> for different graphics formats which was beyond py2exe's capabilities.
> Explicitly importing all the formats I wanted into the main program fixed
> that one.

I tried useing Installer and could not get it to work, but when I used
py2exe I got it to work just fine Thank you for all your help and I'm sorry
I didn't read the FAQ.....

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