StructuredText -> HTML module??

Thomas Weholt 2002 at
Thu Sep 19 08:24:46 EDT 2002

I need to take a piece of structured text as a string into a method and get
html out in the other end. As described on the page on under
StructuredText. My hacking with PyWiki gave me a list where each element had
a '<pre>' in front of it etc. I might be using it the wrong way, but ....

I was under the impression that StructuredText as described on the site
mentioned earlier was sort of a standard, that the parser etc. would produce
the same output.

All I'm actually after is to be able to write stuff like :


1. Foo
2. Bar
3. Python

    Heres an indented section of text.

And turn this into



    Heres an indented section of text.

Or something similar. Since there's allready something that I believed was
standardized it would be easier to use modules allready available than doing
it all from scratch.

Hope that makes it clearer.

Best regards,
"Peter Hansen" <peter at> wrote in message
news:3d89b69d$1 at
> Thomas Weholt wrote:
> > Need a module to parse StructuredText/Wiki into HTML. Looked at PyWiki,
> > the generated code was not what I expected. Does anybody have module or
> > to do this?
> Maybe you could help us by telling us *what* you expected.
> Otherwise we're likely to waste our time making suggestions
> that are just as inadequate from your point of view.
> (For example, ZWiki... or the Zope structured text stuff.)
> -Peter

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