e vs exp()? / financial applications

Terry Reedy tjreedy at udel.edu
Mon Sep 23 21:33:03 EDT 2002

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> One must be aware of the representational issues and accuracy of
> arithmetic within a datatype when using numerical types.  This is
not so
> much a Python issue as one of representing the real number line with
> float types.
> W=0.89 / 4
> 1+w+w+w+w
> w+w+w+w+1
> which are both *different* according to the == operator, but for the
> purposes of numerical accuracy are identical.

Since 'W' != 'w' in Python, both give a NameError unless w defined
elsewise 8<).
>>> w=.89/4
>>> w
>>> 1+w+w+w+w
>>> w+w+w+w+1

Although w appears to be exactly represented, it must not be.  Cute

Terry J. Reedy

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