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Dennis Reinhardt DennisR at
Tue Sep 17 16:33:48 EDT 2002

> If I would like to write some code that would not be possible for others
> read, after I distribute the program, would Python be suitable?

I am working on an unreleased system that may work out for you.  I have an
http (web) server distributed as a single AutoRunning EXE which serves CGI
from memory.  That CGI can be Python scripts and the GUI interface would be
a web browser.  See sample at  Right now, I
have not documented this.

Import libraries are copied to a temp directory and erased when the browser
is dismissed.  Http pages are weakly encrypted in memory and only the
current active page is decrypted.

If the protection standard is "would not be possible for others to read"
then it may well be that no finite protection scheme is adequate.  The
protection outlined is adequate for some casual attacks (e.g. dumping the
exe).  It is not adequate against a determined, knowledgeable attack.

What is your time frame here?  I am looking for an early October 2002 first
release.  Beta testers welcome (write me at email below)


Dennis Reinhardt

DennisR at

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