Smalltalk vs. Python and COM was Re: Byte Magazine and Smalltalk

Robert A.M. van Lopik lopik at
Sun Sep 22 15:16:32 EDT 2002

When you ask this question on comp.lang.smalltalk.dolphin you will certainly
hear that Dolphin Smalltalk is the way to go if you have to do COM stuff.
And they are a very helpful (and knowledgable) bunch of people, those
of clsd.

rob van lopik

"Pino Gargiulo" <jk3380 at> wrote in message
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> "Jay O'Connor" <joconnor at> wrote in message >
> ... snip ...
> > I use Python in a lot of places where others would probably use Perl.
> > Pythons regex support is not a strong as Perl's, but its support for
> > abstraction(and hence, more complicated problems)  is much more
> This brings up a question I was about to ask. I'm getting involved in a
> small project
> that requires a couple of COM servers, whatevere these are exactly... the
> nice thing
> is that any developmente language can be chose. My backgroung is Unix &
> dabble a bit with VWNC (no serious work) and this is my second time I
> something on m$ platform.
> For this project I was considering Smalltalk and Python. The first so I
> could be
> some real stuff done and Python because apparently it permits quite easy
> access
> the the mysterious (to me) m$ APIs. I really would want to stay away from
> VC++,
> and I'm looking for some quite turnaround environment since I'll be
> COM on the job.
> Anybody care to give some advice? I played around with DST but never
> much at the existance of a COM wrapper/interface.
> Pino

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