PythonWin bug [very weird]

dsavitsk dsavitsk at
Mon Sep 9 11:13:31 EDT 2002

This is PythonWin 145 (patched for asp), Python 2.1.3, Win2k.  I have no
means for testing other versions.

The bug is that pressing the wrong sequence of buttons can render a file
unsaveable. To reproduce it:
1. open a .py file
2. make some changes
3. press the X to close the file (not to close PythonWin)
4. when asked to save (Yes, No, Cancel) press Cancel
5. Save the file (File | Save)
6. Any new edits to the file are unsaveable (the buton is grayed out). To do
so, you must copy the entire contents, close the file, re-open it, and paste
the clipboard.


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