Regular expression help needed

Alex Martelli aleax at
Tue Sep 17 07:31:40 EDT 2002

Torkil Grindstein wrote:
> Btw, I have no knowledge of SAX. Perhaps I should dig into that?

Yes, I WOULD suggest looking into Sax (and minidom, and Prescod's
pulldom) for any kind of XML processing.  Jones and Drake, "Python
& XML", O'Reilly, is a good book dedicated to the subject (very
little on pulldom -- i'm learning to appreciate pulldom myself just
quite recently, as it's saving my bacon on a complex XML transcript-
with-mods project, one that needs to work on large enough files that
minidom is not an option, but also needs enough localized "dig into
this node and change it like this and like that" that SAX would be
rather a PITA).


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