Detecting IPv6 support

Pekka Pessi Pekka.Pessi at
Tue Sep 17 06:56:39 EDT 2002

loewis at (Martin v. Löwis) writes:
>- the IPv6 patches took about 15 months to integrate. For many months,
>  the patches were unreviewed, because nobody thought to have the
>  expertise to review them. I eventually tought myself the necessary
>  background to review the patch, after which about 4 further
>  iterations where necessary before the patch was installed, and about
>  10 changes after the patch was installed. 

	Speaking of IPv6: is the IPv6 enabled on the Pythonlabs Windows
	distribution by default (sorry, I don't have a Windows box in my
	use at the moment)? Does Python support the older IPv6 stacks
	for NT4 and W2K?

	What is the recommended method of finding out if Python and the
	underlying OS support IPv6? I can, for instance, create an IPv6
	socket with a Python version that does *not* support IPv6.


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