How do you pronounce "__" (double underscore)?

Henrik Motakef henrik.motakef at
Fri Sep 27 17:54:42 EDT 2002

Stefan Schwarzer <sschwarzer at> writes:

> Tim Hochberg wrote:
>   > "Jay O'Connor" <joconnor at> wrote:
>   >>How about "underder"??
>   >
>   > Or maybe "dunder"?
> I think, you shouldn't use two words which sound very similar when
> spoken.

IRL, I tend not to speak __ at all, I just say "def init self...". For
the rare cases when I have to make a distinction between, say, __foo__
and foo, I use stuff like "special foo" for "__foo__", "private foo"
for "__foo" or "protected foo" for "_foo".

But that is usually followed by a remark that one should really invent
better names ASAP.

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