Garbage collection slowdown? [was: Re: efficient list merging]

François Pinard pinard at
Wed Sep 4 18:04:15 EDT 2002

Hi!  Curious about timings, I played with some of the suggestions from the
"efficient list merging" thread, but not considering lists of lists.

I am surprised by the impressive slowdown coming from leaving the garbage
collector enabled.  Here are a few results:

   0.51 gc-on    0.34 gc-off    1.50 ratio    test_comprehension
   0.52 gc-on    0.37 gc-off    1.41 ratio    test_zip_and_update
   0.43 gc-on    0.29 gc-off    1.48 ratio    test_zip_with_none
   0.51 gc-on    0.28 gc-off    1.82 ratio    test_zip_with_self

Here is the testing code.
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