PyLog, not require SWI-Prolog right?

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Thu Sep 19 06:45:29 CEST 2002

On Thu, 19 Sep 2002 00:07:00 GMT
"Robert Oschler" <Oschler at> wrote:

> PyLog is inpendent of any Prolog interpreter right?  There's PyLog and
> PyProlog, the latter I believe is a wrapper and therefore requires
> SWI-Prolog (just like bevedere requires GNU-Prolog), but PyLog doesn't,
> is that correct?  Just looking for confirmation.

PyLog only requires Python and TPG. TPG is a parser generator and is used
to parse Prolog.
PyLog is there :
TPG is there :

Prolog is translated into Python (a predicate is an object) and then
interpreted by Python. So PyLog is independant of any Prolog interpreter
but also slower.

> Also, PyLog supports backracking right?

PyLog supports backtracking but is limited by the size of the Python
stack. This may be not a problem with Stackless Python, I have to try it
some day.

> thx


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