Python IPC options

Will Stuyvesant hwlgw at
Sun Sep 1 17:08:51 EDT 2002

Itamar Shtull-Trauring <itamar at itamarst.org_NOSPAM> wrote:
> Twisted ( has ...

Um, I admire the Twisted project and I hope it will mature someday. 
The Twisted people do not miss much occasions to mention Twisted. 
Which is understandable but I think they should not do that until the
Twisted documentation is better.  You really need more tutorials,
step-by-step stuff.  And also for Windows users, otherwise at least
mention it is aimed at *n*x people until then.
>From the link you provided:
% mktap ...
% twistd -f ...
They do not work and I just downloaded Twisted (.exe and .zip for
docs).  I am using Windows yes, like most people.  No idea how to do
``mktap'' using Windows so what do you think people do next?  They
remove Twisted.  And they think 'Wasted some more time with open
source stuff'.  And that is a shame and that is not what you want. 
Please stop coding and working on functionality until you have good
docs.  You have a doc explaining the difference between a framework
and a library, that is good.  More of that!  About daemons, servers,
internet protocols, tutorials, whatever.  I think your project is
great and I hope it will not die from the
open-source-amateur-be-cool-read-the-source-virus.  Open source is
great but weak without good docs.


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