how to build wxPython w/ Sun's C++ compiler?

Skip Montanaro skip at
Mon Sep 9 21:26:33 EDT 2002

    >> How do I convince it to use CC for files with .cpp extensions.

    Martin> Currently, you cannot: distutils does not support usage of
    Martin> separate tools for C and C++; feel free to contribute patches.

I received a little frontend script due to Robin Dunn which did the trick
for me.  It examines the args on the command line.  If any end in ".c" it
assumes C, otherwise C++.  I realize that's a hack.

As for patches, it seems to me that distutils needs a generic way to
override such settings (CC, CFLAGS, LDFLAGS, etc) via command line
arguments, environment variables or ConfigParser files.  It's not clear
which way would be most Pythonic.  I'd lean toward environment variables,
but that's just because the command line is cluttered enough as it
is and I'm a Unix-centered geek.


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