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TuxTrax TuxTrax at
Sun Sep 22 10:13:49 CEST 2002

Being new to python, I would like to know how one goes about such 
tasks as precise cursor positioning and output to screen in color.

For instance, If I want to print a character or line, at line 10, 
column 18, in bright white on red, how would I accomplish this?

Is there a python library specifically for setting up a text screen 
to look and function the way you want it to, without having to use a GUI?

The SLRN screen is a good example. Obviously, text positioning and coloring
commands are being utilized here, as well as such things as clearing
the screen and controlled scrolling.

How would these things be done in python, and what reference material is
available on line? I couldn't find anything in the Python manual, so any
URL's would be appreciated



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