Need advice on choosing the technology for intranet based application

Nenad Propadovic propadovic.nenad at
Wed Sep 18 19:54:13 EDT 2002

Such a fast answer. Amazing!
Thank you, Mark. It's my first news-posting, you see :)
> Zope would be a good choice. Personally, though, I would stick to a
> combination of Apache and Python/PHP/Perl/etc for a project like this.
> Your project will be fairly small (although the GUI and chart generation
> may be somewhat complex). It can't be too huge if you plan to get it done
> by November in your spare time! :)
I'll have to make it simple :)
> I think Python (with Apache) would be
> a good choice.
Is Apache ...simple... to work with? I know it's standard :)
> One thing, you didn't mention was what languages you have used (you
> mentioned what you wrote, but not what you wrote it in). If you mentioned
> what languages you have worked with in the past could, that could help
> people give you better suggestions.
Ahm, yes that's a point. I've been doing a lot of C, a bit of C++ (don't
know it well), VBA, Ingress/Open Road... But I realy want to do the stuff in
> It really depends. You may want to generate them as images.  Or maybee
> PDF's? Would PDF be a viable option for you? ReportLAB
> ( has a very good PDF generating library for Python.
> I've
> worked with the library and it is amazing.
That sounds great!
Thanks a lot.

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