Save session in python interactive console

Gillou nospam at
Wed Sep 11 08:13:33 EDT 2002

You ca have a look at the standalone ZODB (search from google) if you want
to play with (almost transparent) persistant objects.


"newgene" <newgene at> a écrit dans le message de news:
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> Hi, group,
>     After I was working at python interactive console(activepython
> v2.2 at Win2000 platform), I am wondering if possible to save the
> current session, so that I can load it again and continue the work
> next time. Just like R or Matlab, etc. Although python is a
> programming language, one of the best features I like is its
> interactive console. By writting my own module, I can make it as my
> personal working console. If saving session is possible, it will be
> much more convinient.
>     The pickle module provided by python can save any object,but how
> can I save all objects in current session?
> Thanks in advance
> CW

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