Need advice on choosing the technology for intranet based application

Tim Churches tchur at
Thu Sep 19 20:32:46 EDT 2002

"A.M. Kuchling" wrote:
> In article <3d88fd1e at>, Nenad Propadovic wrote:
> > -I assume the simplest way to present a graph/chart kind of graphic is to
> > create a jpg/giff/tiff on the server side, and just show it on the client?
> Yes.  PIL, the Python Imaging Library, would be one possibility; so is
> the gd module.  For example, the pricing charts on the pages at
> are generated from Quixote using
> gd.  PDF likely isn't helpful, because browsers won't display PDF
> images inlined in a web page, though it's certainly well-suited for
> multi-page reports that need to be printed.

Yes, but the ReportLab tools can produce very nice raster images as well
as PDFs.

The R statistical package, embedded in Python via RPy (see Walter
Moreira's recent message on yhis list
regarding this) is also an excellent way to produce very sophisticated
graphs which can then be
streamed back to the user's browser.

Tim C
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