Python class ( Prolog ) ???

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Well, I haven't seen any posts go by on the python-logic
SIG, so I thought I'd carry over this topic from the
python list as a conversation starter:

While we're on the subject -- I've taken a couple of
tries at Prolog in the past, but didn't really get
anywhere with it.  I understand the concept of
expressing logic in code, but got rather bogged down
when it came to any practical examples.

Python, with it's object/procedural focus seems like
it would complement Prolog well (or vice-versa). Can
anyone fluent in both compare what sort of applications
you might apply a prolog-python solution to?  Where
would you draw the line between the two? What would
using prolog help me with? What's a good problem to
solve as a learning project?  Any more book or website
recommendations for a learner?

Conversely is there anyone who thinks Prolog is
a waste of time for a Python programmer, or that
it would be better to use something else in such
a role?

Terry Hancock wrote:
> From: Christophe Delord <christophe.delord at>
> > On Thu, 05 Sep 2002 21:57:20 GMT
> > "Joseph A. Knapka" <jknapka at> wrote:
> > > > Luis wrote:
> > > > Does anyone have a class that provides the functionality of prolog ???
> >
> > > There's a SourceForge project that enables you to call
> > > GNUProlog from Python:
> > > <URL:>
> >
> > I have written a module in Python to mix Prolog and Python. It was just a funny
> > exercise. It is not complete and rather slow but if you are curious you can download
> > it:
> You may also be interested in the "unofficial"
> python-logic SIG:
> Which was recently mentioned on the edu-sig at
> list.

I suppose follow-ups should go to the python-logic


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