default variable value and cmd module

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Tue Sep 10 10:00:34 EDT 2002

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> This sample using 'cmd' module do not prints default variable value, 5.
> import cmd
> class x(cmd.Cmd):
>     def do_y(self, value = 5):
>         print value
> z = x()
> z.cmdloop()
> but, the following sample prints '5'. why don't the sample above prints?

>From the documentation for cmd.Cmd:
    3. A command `foo' is dispatched to a method 'do_foo()'; the do_ method
       is passed a single argument consisting of the remainder of the line.

So the value passed to do_y as 'value' is whatever you type on the rest of 
the command line after your 'y' command. It doesn't print 5 because the 
default value is always overridden, even if you don't type anything after 
the command name.

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