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Mon Sep 30 18:09:23 EDT 2002

In the dim and distant past on Mon, 30 Sep 2002 00:40:24 +0100, it was
rumoured that "mike henley" <rsrchstr at> spake thus on the
subject of "Re: idea for a much needed application" in comp.lang.perl:

>"other than the ones already present on a web-server", exactly! i want to be
>ably to use whatever language, modules or applications i choose, and over
>the year use others, freely. if i choose perl, php, or even python, ruby or
>tcl, then i want to be able to do that.

Would be sys admin hell. 

Quite frankly, you'd probably be cursing about your hosting service
being crap because this would cause so much hassle to the people who
have to keep the servers running (patches and upgrades to software,
plus scripts by inexperienced users going haywire). 

I know that if I'd was working at a firm offering such things, they'd
have to pay me a lot since it woudl mean I'd have to be extremely good
at a whole lot of things, which in turn would mean expensive
subscriptions for users.

Bart Van Hemelen
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