Computing directory sizes problem

Martin v. Löwis loewis at
Mon Sep 9 05:17:13 EDT 2002

nmichael at (Neophytos Michael) writes:

> Dear Python experts,
> I wrote the following function to compute the size of a directory
> (being new to python there maybe better ways to do this - if so please
> advice).  It works quite well except when the directory in question
> contains files whose names that are not made up of ascii (english)
> characters (this typically happens on my machine for my non-english
> mp3 files).

What Python version are you using? What localized Windows version?
What are the file names in question? 

If the file names are non-ASCII, it should still work - provided the
file names are supported in the system locale (i.e. ANSI code page).

It might be easiest to adjust your system locale.


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