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Jacob Hallen jacob at
Wed Sep 25 16:03:32 CEST 2002

In article <3D8E6353.7030303 at something.invalid>,
Greg Ewing  <greg at> wrote:
>Courageous wrote:
>> One should use spaces
>> and not tabs in Python code. Otherwise, any python file where
>> tabs and spaces are mixed is also a choice of which indentation
>> level other viewers of the code MUST use in their editors.
>If you use spaces only, you're also choosing how other
>people will see it in their editors (unless they're
>willing to use a tool to re-indent it).
>Using *tabs* only is the only way to get truly
>preference-independent indentation.

Exactly the point! My code is my work of art. Why should anybody be allowed
to change it? We don't allow people to go painting moustaches on the
Mona-Lisa, do we?

Jacob Hallén


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