Will "Python in a Nutshell" be too short?

GerritM gmuller at worldonline.nl
Tue Sep 17 15:14:36 EDT 2002

"Hamish Lawson" <hbl at st-andrews.ac.uk> schreef in bericht
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> O'Reilly doesn't yet list the forthcoming "Python in a Nutshell" by Alex
> Martelli, but according to Amazon.com's page for the book, it will have
> pages. Is that indeed the plan?
> By comparison, O'Reilly's "Perl in a Nutshell" is 800 pages and has the
> following chapters
> Hamish Lawson

By comparison "Java in a nutshell" is 600 pages and on top of that "Java
examples in a nutshell" is another 400 pages. By the way I liked the set up
of this second book. It is close to the cookbook idea. (The Python Cookbook
is GREAT!).

regards Gerrit


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