Newbie questions: write permission, interpreter minimizing

pcarey at pcarey at
Fri Sep 20 12:17:54 EDT 2002

Win2K, Python2.2
Hello list.

I'm relatively new to Python.

When I want to test for write permissions (on Win2K),
I use try: except: clauses, something like this:



except OSError (e,s):

      print s


Is there an easier way?

I tried os.access("X:\\anydir", W_OK), but it always returns 1,
so I guess I am misunderstanding that.

Also, (and forgive me if I betray woeful ignorance)...

I use PythonCardPrototype to make UI's.
When launching these apps (double-clicking),
the interpreter launches (as it should) and remains in the background
(as it should)... but is there any way to automatically minimize the

Thank you,


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