How to force built-in commands over imported.

Neil Padgen neil.padgen at
Fri Sep 6 05:06:50 EDT 2002

Delaney, Timothy wrote:
> [ unit testing framework snipped]
> which allows me to perform each set of tests independently, and run them
> all through a single command. Even so, it should probably specify the
> actual names of the test cases in case there is a conflict somewhere, but
> that would fail to pick up any new test cases.

There's a fabulous regression testing script in Dive Into Python
which takes care of this for you, by running all tests in the
current (or given) directory which are in modules called *

I've modified this to work in the current directory and below,
but haven't been able to test it thoroughly in anger yet.  (I'm not
yet confident enough at writing tests...)

-- Neil

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