How do i print to a printer using python?

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Thu Sep 5 00:48:41 EDT 2002

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> I have to print to a standard printer. I take the data from the
> keyboard and print it using the printer. Please help job
> depends on this!!!!

On *nix or dos/windows, you open the printer port as if it were a
file, just like other ports and devices.  On *nix, this maybe be
something like '/dev/lpt' or a the numbered serial or parallel port
that your printer is attached to.  On Dos and my win98 machine, this
does the trick:

>>> p=file('LPT1:','w')
>>> p.write('Test Line\n\f')
>>> p.flush() # p.close() also flushes

and out come a sheet with 'Test Line' printed.  Note that \f is
formfeed char; without it, nothing is printed on page printers (*jets,

Terry J. Reedy

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