getting input in a embeded GUI app ...

rgkindya rgkindya at
Mon Sep 9 04:13:43 CEST 2002

Chris Liechti <cliechti at> wrote in message news:<Xns9282C063D9443cliechtigmxnet at>...

> tha pythonwin way: you can write your own input function in c/c++ that gets 
> the input from a message box. it should return Python string. (i assume 
> you've found out how to write python funcs in c/c++, i.e. like those for in 
> a module)
> then you can replace the builtin function raw_input with your function 
> (assign it to __builtin__.raw_input). take a look at the python win sources 
> on how to do this in python.
> chris

thank chris,

as a newbie , i request you to provide that code ,that will help me to
save my work nights and headache. please Chris i'm a newbie ...

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