What database should I use

Lutz Schroeer Lutz.Schroeer at kybernetik-manufaktur.de
Thu Sep 5 23:46:57 CEST 2002

"A" <printers at sendme.cz> wrote in
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> I am going to program a small application (in Python and wxPython)
> which consists about 2000 - 3000 records . Can you please recommend
> which database is the best for that. I use Windows.
> Maybe MS Access  or FoxPro or MySQL or better?
> I want to keep the program as small as possible.

>From your question I derive that you want to run the program on an MS 
Windows system.

Access seems to be the best solution. You can access the database over the 
ODBC driver without having a "real" server running in the background. You 
only need the *.mdb files.

But keep in mind, that you're stuck to Billy's system. I don't think that 
there are any modules providing access to *.mdb files on other systems. If 
there is, please enlighten me....


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