(slightly OT): Python and linux - very cool

Will Ganz wganz at texoma.net
Sat Sep 7 10:00:28 EDT 2002

> them first. That does serve to make badly coded Perl look *absolutely*
> awful, but it is also a great benefit.

And you throw into the mix the fact that the 'Perl poet' has zero experience
in design, you will have a mess that no one can figure out. Couple that with
the desire to reach Perl Wizard status by playing Perl golf to cram as much
as possible into one line of code as if any optimizing compiler wouldn't do
that anyway. Jeepers, I don't have enough digital ink in my cursor to write
all the horror stories that I could tell about that. The company that I work
for has Perl modules that are 5 years old that no one dares to touch. They
are stuck using Perl 5.04 since that is the latest version that it will run.

That is why I rebeled and use Python for my projects. No more unmaintainable
code. I still use Perl, but only when it will fit in under 100 lines of

Just my view from the bottom of the fishbowl.


 "We never gave up, and we never will.
In the end, if that's all they can say about us, it'll do."

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