distributing apps w/embedded python & missing modules

Dennis Reinhardt DennisR at dair.com
Thu Sep 26 18:40:14 EDT 2002

> My question: Is there an easy way
> to compile all of Python's modules into the app so that the user does not
> need to separately download the core python package?

At http://www.autorunning.com/arpyexe.cgi I have pre-compiled 24 modules
plus the core executables in a 432 K Windows package.  The user can specify
3 more modules.  Now I could have included all 167 of the lib modules but
the total library size is 1.92 Mb (pre-compression).

So, I think the answer is "yes, it is easy".  It is not clear to me where
you have gotten so far and what is roadblock you are facing.

Let me describe what I do.  Perhaps this will help.  I compress the files
described on my web page above into a self-extracting executable.  This
executable is then embedded in non-Python code and extracted into a temp
file at run time.  Control is now turned over to Python.  hth.


Dennis Reinhardt


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