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Mon Sep 2 06:07:21 EDT 2002

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> I am attempting to create an archive function within my program. This
> function should create a directory with a timestamp name (such as
> /home/oracle/data/20020831) on the fly, list the contents of a current
> directory then place the contain from the previous directory into the
> created directory.
> The newly created directory with the timestamp name is being created and
> list of files from the current directory has been retrieved but my problem
> comes when moving the files to the newly created directory. I am trying to
> achieve this tasks with os.rename but find it difficult to get the command
> to recognize the new directory and place the files into it.
> I have attempted to get os.rename to recognize the 'archloc' variable that
> contains the name of the newly created directory but that did not work.  I
> also tried to join the newly created directory with the file names then
> it through os.rename and that did not work either.
> What am I doing wrong? Thanks!! (My code is listed below)
> def archive_data(archive):
>    the_date = strftime("%Y%m%d")
>    archloc = ('/home/oracle/data/' + the_date)
>    os.mkdir(archloc)
>    if archive == 'yes':
>       for file in os.listdir('/home/oracle/data'):
>          file2 = os.path.join(archloc, file)
>          #print file2
>    os.rename(r'/home/oracle/data/' + file, file2)
> Kevin

I have figured it out. Thanks!

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