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Demi Vitalis jwilson at
Fri Sep 13 23:24:22 EDT 2002

Part Time Work at Home: PHP Programmers

First let me open by saying this;

I am a very seasoned programmer but have no friends or associates that
program, so I am forced to ask the general programming community online for
programming help with this project. My name is Jeremy Wilson and I reside in
Los Angeles California. This email is open to everyone no matter what
country you live in.

The Gist;
I am seeking qualified individuals to assist in the development and
programming for a new software product that will enter the marketplace in
the coming months and is being considered to be sold outright to another
software company. I am looking for dedicated individuals with the same
passion and energy necessary to launch proprietary new software in exchange
for points (percentages) of revenues and sales of the software once it is
finished and released. I am short handed and am fast approaching the project
deadline I have set upon myself, so I am offering you the chance to receive
a residual income for assisting in finishing the development of this
application. Before you start sending me responses like "is this a scam" or
whatever, please know that I am just a guy trying to get something done and
offering a piece of what I have accomplished thus far to people who want to
be involved. I will be providing my phone number and etc at the end of this
email for you to talk to me. We will draft an agreement and everything so
you will now you are not working just on spec. and on trust. And yes, I know
that there are other ways of doing this like securing funding and etc to
hire people, but I don't want to go through all of that. it takes way too
long and you have to give up way too much. Basically I am looking for some
team mates and partners to help me with this thing so I can make a lot of
money selling it. And if I am making a lot of money that means you will be
too. I am about 6 weeks away from finishing this software application and
need help to make that deadline. If I don't get help it will take another 3
months probably for me to finish it by myself. Just so you know, the
software is expected to be sold outright for around 3 million dollars. You
do the math. I have no overhead and have one partner who takes care of all
the business.

I have set aside a total of 4% of the ownership of the software to those who
are contracted to finish this project with me. This 4% will be distributed
according to the amount of contributions made and your experience level.
Basically if you are the bomb ass programmer, I have no problem giving you
the full 4%. If I have to hire multiple people to get the job done, I will
be splitting up that 4% according to the skill sets and contributions made.

Please take this as a serious offer and if you have a bunch of spare time on
your hands, you can help to finish this software and make a bunch of money.

Please feel free to contact me via an of the mediums below

Jeremy Wilson
Fax: 1-818-505-0198
Phone: 1-818-623-9850
jwilson at
MSN Messenger: shaka0070 at
AOL Instant Messenger: shaka0070

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