Python IPC options

Armin Steinhoff a-steinhoff at
Sun Sep 1 12:36:05 EDT 2002

fburton at (Francis Burton) wrote in message news:<1030829572.943495 at>...
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> It would be nice if Python could provide the same kind of
> communication mechanisms. Unfortunately, while Glish is
> freely available, it is heavily C++ biased and runs only on
> some Unix systems. In theory, something similar could be
> implemented on a much wider range of platforms using
> sockets and Python.
> Can anyone tell me: has an interprocess communication
> mechanism specifically with a bus architecture been
> implemented in/for Python?

Corba 2.2 -> 
Python remote objects ->
Send/Receive/Reply for QNX6 message passing ->

 ... also PyPVM, PyMPI a.s.o.

Hope this is enough :)


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