How to get memory usage on Windows?

GerritM gmuller at
Sun Sep 22 12:03:17 EDT 2002

Searching in books , documentation (a.o. win32api) and net did not yet help
I found this article on the net:
but how to call this function from Python?

The module GC is mentioned with respect to memory leaks, but as far a I
could find, no status information can be obtained.

I would expect that in the run time information the size information is
present. Can this be accessed from Python itself?

regards Gerrit

"GerritM" <gmuller at> schreef in bericht
news:amilhk$bi8$1 at
> I am building an access log analyzer. For the first version I did not
> about performance or memory use, the first exploration was about what is
> practical information to extract and how to present. For current result
> and
> tml
> For the second version memory use becomes an issue. The brute force
> keeps all information simultaneously in memory, without any size
> optimization. This results now in memory use of about 250 MByte (measured
> via very coarse windows resource tool), which scales linear with the
> of (ever increasing) input. I would like to be able to measure more
> how much memory is used per phase and/or per function. Is there any
> returning this information. I noted that on Unix the resource module gives
> access to this kind of information, but I could not find any Windows
> alternative.
> regards Gerrit


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