can wxpython do this?

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Sun Sep 15 21:31:12 EDT 2002

On 15 Sep 2002 18:02:17 -0700, erick_papadakis at (Erick
Papadakis) wrote:

>hi, i am considering learning wxpython and have a few questions before
>get into it to make sure it is worth it. 
>1. what does it give me that java or c++ dont? 
It is not java. It is a competitor to FOX and QT if you use the c++
version. It's unique when you use the Python version (QT and FOX
bindings are not so perfect at the moment).
>is it cross-platform


>2. is it a good platform to develop desktop application in, given that
>is a GUI app? how will i distribute it? is there any easy installer
>will allow me to install python first on a layman user's computer
>then wxpython, then my own application? is this the concept of
>or am i missing something? 

There is no problem to setup an installer easily that takes
Python,WXPysthon and whatever you need. It simply blowes up the
installer package size. 

>3. does it allow me access to windows (or linux x-windows) native
>for instance, can i minimize my application to a user's desktop's
>taskbar and have a right-click context menu on that taskbar entry?

I think its not comfortable but possible. Look at the API to find out.

>4. do i have something like a browser control built in? i want my
>desktop app to interact with my web server and display the response
>just as if it was a browser (BUT with some more client-side richness
>in features, hence the app to begin with). is this possible?

There is a really simple WxHTML Widget and at least a C++ version of a
wrapped IExplorer control. But having something like this would remove
the cross platform compatibility. 
Perhaps someone is working on a mozilla widget ?
>thanks very much for any ideas/resources that i can use to decide. 

Try it and then decide - don't decide on posted answers.

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