CGI server by Python

Alex Martelli aleax at
Thu Sep 26 07:54:54 EDT 2002

Brian Lee wrote:

> Hi,
> I tested in Python 2.2 and found that cgi files in
> sub directory does not run. Does anybody know about this?
> - - [26/Sep/2002 19:20:24] code 403, message CGI script
> is not a plain file ('/cgi-bin/a') - 

Exactly as it says, /cgi-bin/a is not a plain file (it's a directory!)
and is written to support plain files right under
cgi-bin only.  See the parsing in function run_cgi around line 100
and following of that file in your Python library directory.  If you
don't like the way it parses things, it ain't hard to modify...


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