Python from C/SDL

Gib Bogle bogle at
Fri Sep 6 19:32:57 EDT 2002


I am a complete beginner with Python.  My interest in it is focussed on
a great piece of open-source software called pymol, a system for
visualization of molecules that uses Python and OpenGL.  I'd like to get
access to pymol's graphical functions from my own program, which is
built from C, SDL and OpenGL.

I'm wondering if (with a bit of surgery) I'd be able to get access to
the lower-level functionality of pymol, by which I mean the file I/O and
rendering functions.  I will not want to use the GUI at all.  SDL would
create the surface(s), and handle the buffer swapping.  My goal is to be
able to send a request to the pymol API asking for a frustum view to be
rendered on the provided surface.

Sorry if my question is one that gets asked and answered frequently.  If
there is a place where this has been dealt with please direct me.


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